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Everything Needed for Document Accessibility

Standard options and modules included with Accessibility Express are:

  • Accessible PDF support
    Accessibility Express can create Accessible PDF that is WCAG 2.0 compliant, and it can also create Accessible PDF/UA output. It can work with normal PDF files, or print files in virtually any format and, using tagging rules, convert it to the Accessible PDF format that you need. This can be done before documents are stored in a repository, or it can be done dynamically when the documents are being retrieved for viewing.
  • Voiceye support
    The Voiceye support within Accessibility Express allows you to place a special barcode on your documents containing the document’s content. A user can then read that barcode with a free smart phone app. They can enlarge the text, apply contrast techniques to enhance legibility, read the content aloud using the phone’s accessibility settings, or even drive an attached braille keyboard.
  • PRO Designer
    A powerful and feature-rich standard component of Accessibility Express, PRO Designer provides a graphical user interface for doing the accessibility design. This includes rules for data extraction, document tagging, alternate text definitions, and reading order for your accessible documents.

What is Voiceye?

Voiceye is a unique 2D barcode that contains a document’s content in proper read order. A free smart phone application is available for iOS and Android. These apps read the barcode, speak the content aloud using the phone’s accessibility features, can drive an attached braille keyboard, enlarge the text, apply various contrast levels, store documents for later use, and more.

Some Quick Technical Facts:

Pro Accessibility Express runs on all major operating systems:

  • Windows 2000 and newer, Linux with kernel level 2.6 and higher, AIX, HP-UX UNIX level 11.23 and higher, and Solaris 8 and higher and Linux for System z.PRO.
  • Accessibility Express accepts all standard input formats, including PDF, AFP, PostScript®, PCL and Xerox Metacode.

One Solution - Multiple Formats

Accessibility Express goes a step further. Realizing that Accessible PDF and Voiceye may not handle 100% of your customers’ requirements, Accessibility Express documents can be easily output in any of the traditional “alternate formats” using a standardized process based on the Accessibility Express tagging rules.

Output of traditional alternate formats such as audio or braille can be handled by CrawfordTech’s Canadian and U.S. Document Accessibility Services centers, or by any certified MasterONE service provider. The solution also includes a selection of flexible productivity tools designed to optimize high-volume document output. It accepts all standard print stream formats, with no need to recompose existing output or go back to originating applications. It supports both batch and interactive processing, and has workflow and integration options that allow you to create end-to-end workflows to meet your exact needs.

Inclusion by Design

With Accessibility Express you can provide fully compliant documents to all of your customers—a far better approach to accessibility. This means that everyone is able to access and read important information, either visually or with assistive technology. You will be in compliance, treat all customers equally, and take advantage of the opportunity to expand into a growing market.

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