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Crawford Operations Express

Production Print Software

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What Does Operations Express Do?

  • Apply pre-printed full color forms to quickly enable high speed, color inkjet printing.
  • Join small jobs together.
  • Split large jobs into several small jobs so that you can produce these documents on multiple devices simultaneously, segment them for the correct production device, and maximize device utilization and productivity.
  • Add and remove barcodes and create inserter control files, such as MRDF, Mailmark® barcodes and Mailmark® eManifest, and Mail.dat.
  • Significantly reduce the size of PDFs by up to 90% for online presentment and archiving.
  • Extract valuable data from existing documents into XML, CSV, ADF, CMOD generic index files, user defined data for indexing, data analytics, and more.

Some Examples of What Operations Express Can Do:

  • A large financial services company wanted to outsource their printing, but their existing legacy application printed documents one at a time on departmental printers. They used Operations Express to join these small jobs into a single, larger job and were able to successfully outsource this work.
  • A US Fortune 500 insurance company implemented an ADF by using Operations Express to automatically remove old barcodes, apply address corrections, add new bar codes, split output by sheet counts for optimum operational efficiency, and prepare content for loading into their enterprise content management archive.

Operations Express Fits in Your Environment

  • Easily integrate Operations Express to support both batch and on demand production.
  • Leverage existing workflow and automation tools with CrawfordTech APIs.
  • Support real-time processing of jobs via web services with CrawfordTech’s SunRise application server.
  • Automate processing of files from hot folders with PRO Workflow Server.
  • Call Operations Express via command line, enabling scripts and external applications to manage your workflow operations.

The PRO Designer GUI Makes Configuring Operations Express Easy

Some QuickTechnical Facts:

Operations Express runs on all major operating systems: Windows, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, z/OS, Linux for System z.

Operations Express supports all major print streams: AFP (Line data, mixed mode & fully composed), Xerox (LCDS & Metacode), PCL, PostScript®, Line data, HTML5, and image files.

By adding the Transpromo Express module you get all of the productivity, efficiency, and cost savings benefits of Operations Express, plus the ability to add marketing content using advanced white space management techniques and by integrating with your existing CRM systems.

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