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With PRO Designer You Can:

  • Quickly configure your Crawford Technologies applications using an easy to use Graphical User Interface.
  • Visually proof what the output will look like, including redaction, using its multi-pane window layout.
  • Create test output from up to 100 pages of input, resulting in a PDF file or Accessible PDF file including any associated defined index, metadata, or XML content.
  • Configure proper tagging, defining reading order, identifying artifacts, and more for the creation of compliant Accessible PDF.
  • Visualize the results of index creation, tags, XML, and other required document changes or data extraction.
  • Edit the text-based configuration files with pop-up help and syntax checking—great for power users!

What Does PRO Designer Do?

  • Provides a visual interface to configure indexing, transforms, and document re-engineering applications and to update existing text configuration files for those applications.
  • Delivers a significant productivity lift through the use of modern GUI interfaces, pixel level document fidelity, with industry-leading execution speed and advanced navigation functions.
  • Automatically converts all print resources and rendering commands to PRO Designer screen displays including fonts, forms, logos, images, and colors.
  • Provides context sensitive help for text based configuration files, and provides command references for less experienced users trying to accomplish specific tasks.
  • Improves your staff’s productivity when they need to view, revise, and create indexing and transform applications.

Some Examples of What PRO Designer Can Do

A major US insurance company had been using Crawford technologies for over 12 years. Although they were proficient with configuring the software, some newer employees wanted to do this with a GUI interface. They purchased PRO Designer and were extremely pleased with the backwards compatibility and the ease of use.

PRO Designer Fits in Your Environment

  • Easily integrate PRO Designer to support both batch and on demand production.
  • Direct text editing mode lets the user quickly and easily edit the configuration file directly.
  • Real time syntax checking means that delays due to typing mistakes or incorrect command syntax are avoided.
  • PRO Designer enables the user to switch seamlessly between graphical configuration methods.

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