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DesignMerge Variable Data Software

Production Print Software


DesignMerge is professional variable data printing software that adds a powerful VDP toolset to the Adobe InDesign page layout package. The software is compatible with all versions of Adobe InDesign, including Adobe Creative Cloud.

Everything in DesignMerge uses a menu-driven user interface, along with a simple set of floating palettes to assist you in the setup process for your personalized documents. There is absolutely no programming language to learn! Everything is as easy as selecting a piece of text, and clicking a button.

Check out the videos located on the tabs to see how easy DesignMerge is to use.

  • Basic VDP
  • Bar Coding & Numbering
  • Personalized Direct Mail

The videos will demonstrate that DesignMerge is versatile enough to handle your basic production work, such as bar coding and numbering, yet the package also provides everything that you need to take on even the most sophisticated VDP pieces. With the menu-driven user interface, you will be up and running VDP work in no time!

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DesignMerge works directly with the Adobe InDesign page layout program, one of the most popular and powerful page layout software packages on the market! If you are not using Adobe InDesign right now, it is so easy to get going - just download the software from the Adobe Creative Cloud site, add our DesignMerge software, and you are ready to go!

DesignMerge is compatible with all versions of Adobe InDesign, for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. The requirements for DesignMerge are the same as the requirements for Adobe InDesign. If you are already running InDesign, then you have everything that you need to run DesignMerge.


  • Works directly with standard Adobe InDesign documents
  • Supports hundreds of Variable Text, Picture, and Article links per document
  • Utilizes a simple, intuitive, menu-driven user interface (no programming)
  • Incorporates easy to use step-and-repeat capability for multiple-up layouts
  • Supports all major VDP output formats, including PostScript, PDF, VPS, and PPML
  • Includes on-the-fly copy fitting of overset boxes (CopyFit Module)
  • Includes advanced conditional logic capabilities (Rules Module)
  • Optional support for Variable Layouts (GroupPicture Module)
  • Optional support for Linear and 2D Bar Coding (Bar Code Modules)
  • Includes PostNet and Intelligent Mail bar code support
  • Advanced Preview and Preflight features
  • Includes a 200+ page manual and tutorial


  • Powerful VDP solution for any Canon customer!
  • Ability to utilize all of the features of Adobe InDesign anytime!
  • Operators do not require programming or JavaScript experience
  • Works with existing client InDesign or PDF documents so setup time is minimized
  • Data Preview and Preflight features ensure the job will run right the first time
  • Supports all Canon digital presses

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What sets DesignMerge apart from other VDP products?
If you use a standalone application for variable data, then you have access only to very limited design features. As an example, most standalone applications offer limited support for simple things like kerning and tracking, justification, and automatic image scaling, and offer no support for more complex typography such as type on a curve, runarounds, or multi-page composition. With DesignMerge, you will have access to all of the design features available with Adobe InDesign, which means absolutely no restrictions on how you design your VDP piece.

What do I need to start using DesignMerge?
DesignMerge is a suite of plug-in modules for Adobe InDesign. As long as you are running Adobe InDesign, you have everything that you need to run DesignMerge. DesignMerge supports all versions of Adobe InDesign for both the Macintosh and Windows systems.

Where is DesignMerge developed?
The DesignMerge software is developed by Meadows Publishing Solutions, located in Schaumburg, Illinois. Unlike many of the software products in the VDP market, our software is developed 100% by engineers based in the United States. We do not outsource any portion of the development, sales or support for the product.

How long has the company and the software been around?
Meadows Publishing Solutions was founded in 1991, and has grown considerably since that time. Our DesignMerge software was first introduced in 1998, and has been under continuous development ever since.

Does DesignMerge allow for additional customization and automation?
Yes, absolutely! DesignMerge includes a very robust programming interface that can be used to fully automate your workflow. Please contact your Canon representative for more information about this feature.

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Basic VDP Form Letter

For a quick example of just how easy the product is to use, take a look at the video above that demonstrates how to personalize a basic form letter with variable text and graphics.

DesignMerge for Bar Coding and Numbering

Check out the video above to see just how easy it is to use DesignMerge for bar code production.

For customers that are just starting out with variable data, there may not be an immediate need to produce completely customized direct mail pieces, with variable text and conditionally-placed variable imagery. These high-end VDP jobs represent only a small portion of what DesignMerge can do.

Practically every shop has an occasional need for doing what we term "production variable data", such as Consecutive Numbering or Bar Coding jobs. And with the growing popularity of 2D bar codes such as QR Codes, even relatively simple jobs like business cards are now being required to include a scannable version of the company URL, or full contact information in VCARD or other encoded formats.

DesignMerge provides built-in consecutive numbering features as well as multi-up tools to streamline these types of production projects. In addition, our Linear and 2D Bar Code Modules can handle practically any bar coding need.

DesignMerge for Personalized Direct Mail

Take a look at the video above to see how DesignMerge tackles a sophisticated direct mail piece with variable text, graphics and colors:

Once you have had a chance to get your feet wet with simple variable data, you may be ready to take on more complex VPD jobs. The beautiful thing about DesignMerge is that you already have everything you need! The standard DesignMerge feature set is robust enough to take on even the most complicated VDP jobs, and with built-in features like our Conditional Logic module, most designers can tackle complex and conditional VDP jobs with surprising ease.

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