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At Canon Solutions America, we have developed a collaborative network that allows us to deliver best-in-class integrated solutions that include both print and digital workflows. Through these relationships, we have committed to helping organizations develop and execute the solutions that best support their sales and marketing goals.

Canon Solutions America offers KODAK PRINERGY Workflow, a leading prepress automation software. The core of a modular suite of products, PRINERGY Workflow’s comprehensive automation helps drive costs down and is easily expandable, so you can add capabilities as your needs change and your business evolves.

  • Helps improve core functions such as job creation, collaboration, file processing, trapping, proofing, imposition, and color management.
  • Helps minimize rework and delays by identifying errors before they occur.
  • Modular and customizable; add capabilities and automation as your business needs change.
  • Broad compatibility; supports most third party press equipment.
  • Fully integrated through industry configured solutions for Conventional and Digital print production in a single workflow.
  • Fully automated from job submission to print output.

Enhanced packaging capabilities satisfy the most demanding customers with high quality output.

  • MAXTONE SX Screening for four-color applications delivers high resolution and more control for top quality packaging.
  • Supports XMP Screening assignments from other workflow systems - You can use Kodak’s industry leading screening technologies through automation.
  • Compliant with the latest GHENT Workgroup packaging industry standards, enabling the world-wide consistency demanded by multi-national brands.

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What’s New

With PRINERGY Workflow, you are in control: you have the efficiencies in place to give you that competitive edge by helping cut turnaround time, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

  • Expanded digital connectivity with CREO Servers, as well as with other vendors’ DFEs (Digital Front Ends). Allows you to improve ROI by leveraging offset and digital presses for the most cost-effective results.
  • PRINERGY Device Track complete with Job Ticket Editor now features seamless Bi-Directional JDF communication with KODAK XPO/PC and CTP devices.
  • Heightened user experience with ADOBE® PDF Print Engine (APPE) v4.7.

PRINERGY - Device Track

PRINERGY’s Device Track leverages capabilities and logic to callout selections that are incompatible for output, and suggest corrective options.

PRINERGY Device Track, complete with Job Ticket Editor, now communicates seamlessly with KODAK XPO/PC and CTP devices.

PRINERGY - Job Ticket Editor

PRINERGY’s Job Ticket Editor leverages capabilities and logic to outline selections incompatible for output, complete with options for correction.

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White Papers

Breaking Bottlenecks:

Using the Kodak WPA Process to Recognize Opportunity in Your Workflow

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KODAK PRINERGY Workflow Overview

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