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Optimized pre-flight and make-ready features

Should you need to perform make-ready tasks or edit files before printing, PRISMAcontrol offers a variety of productivity-boost functions to help reduce costly and often non-chargeable print preparation time.

  • Enables you to pre-flight files and take corrective actions eliminating erroneous jobs from entering production.
  • Handles pre-imposed files but also offers its own impositioning tool for cropping, shifting and positioning of individual logical pages.
  • Insert blank sheets or images, tag files for indexing, or add barcodes for document tracking, reprint and dynamic finishing.

Being able to make last-minute modifications without going back to your clients results in a quicker turnaround time allowing you to be able to take on more work.

All make-ready tasks can be performed remotely in the prepress department, from a Mac or Windows workstation, using the PRISMAcontrol client.

Make more out of your digital press with integrated automation

When it comes to productivity, automation is key. Automating repetitive jobs helps printer service providers to avoid errors and maintain job-to-job consistency. PRISMAcontrol enables you to automate your job processing in many ways.

  • Use the flexible JDF/JMF interface to submit PDF files.
  • Hot folders can be associated with a job ticket to automatically process jobs and enable make-ready and editing tasks to run in unattended mode.
  • Rule-based mechanisms can be applied to allocate jobs automatically to the right queue.

Support for variable data printing

Diversifying your print services is crucial to remain competitive and grow your business. With PRISMAcontrol and the ProStream you can get offset quality at the cost and speed of a digital press giving you the flexibility to do that. You can easily print personalized magazines, postcards and books as PRISMAcontrol supports PDF/VT. Variable data printing allows you to offer innovative and profitable services like personalized products to customers.

Keep control of your production

PRISMAcontrol accounting feature automatically collects production data, directly retrieved from sensors at the heart of the PRISMAcontrol-based engine. It tracks metrics over time, empowering you with insights into the integral performance of the printer including job-related events and ink consumption. The integrated accounting database saves all of these job related events.

The reporting interface allows you to analyze how performance varies over time. It comes with a series of standard reports or the accounting data can be exported for further analysis. PRISMAcontrol can be set to automatically generate reports that can be sent by email or saved for future reference.

Transforming this data into business-critical information provides the insight you need to enable cost reductions and optimize productivity.

As flexible as you need to be

  • Submit jobs manually via the PRISMAcontrol client, and automatically via hot folders
  • Use the JDF/JMF interface to easily integrate ProStream into your existing workflow
  • Define job queues as well as rules to populate them
  • Monitor and process jobs directly on the ProStream touchscreen
  • Directly process print-ready PDF or PS* files
  • Take advantage of powerful make-ready capabilities
  • Obtain a transparent view of your operations with integrated accounting
  • Expand your business with personalized variable data printing

* PostScript support is optional.

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Job submission

  • Manual via PRISMAcontrol client
  • Hot folder, mounted hot folder
  • JMF via HTTP (PDF file with JDF ticket)
  • JDF via hot folder (PDF file with JDF ticket)
  • LP
  • LPR
  • Command line with Custom Ticket (OCT)

JDF/JMF support

  • Generic JDF/JMF interface
  • Dedicated connectors to Agfa Apogee, Fujifilm XMF, EFI PaceTM

PDL support

PDF, PDF VT, or optionally PS

Job management

Job Monitor at the ProStream operator panel and remote via PRISMAcontrol client

Make-ready features

PDF Preflight, File enhancements (barcode, finishing marks, add images) and Impositioning. All make-ready tasks can be easily performed via the PRISMAcontrol remote client


Accounting data base, InkControl Data and reports can be exported. Automated report generation, job-based reporting

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