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PRISMAproduction Host Print Management Software

Production Print Software

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SPS module

  • Spooling of AFP/line data print files to directly attached IPDS devices
  • Security through automatic error reporting and recovery
  • Checkpointing control (time and page)
  • Accounting
  • JES operator control
  • Channel and network connection
  • Customized separator pages
  • CustomTone support
  • A-Twin and -Triplex support via TCP/IP, /370 and ESCON

Printer support

  • All host-connected, non-impact IPDS printers

CIS module (not supported in Fujitsu Siemens BS2000)

  • Converts AFP, mixed data, S/370 line data, record-format line data, XML and/or Unicode into MO:DCA-P
  • Enhances your AFP files by enabling you to add barcodes, new graphics or even new finishing controls, and more. Text blocks can be added, or removed
  • Embeds the necessary resources into the AFP datastream
  • Segments the input file into multiple output files
  • Builds UP3I finishing operations into an AFP file
  • Sorts your AFP pages based on various sort criteria (content, layout, collator)
  • Reverse page sequence of entire file
  • Build index information based on selectable criteria

Router module (with limitations for Fujitsu Siemens BS2000)

  • Line data, AFP and MO:DCA data transfer from host to server
  • Support for the IBM download standard (via TCP/IP)
  • LP client protocol
  • Support for FTP transfer
  • Host spooling command support
  • Exit support
  • Integrated resource packaging
  • File compression and/or encryption through an interface to a customer-supplied tool
  • Accounting and logging collection on the source system
  • Support for LCDS data (limited FCB support)


  • Converts SIEPRT/Model 2 datastreams into AFP and redirects the print jobs back into the JES spool
  • Support for JES output groups
  • Converts Model2resources

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