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PRISMAproduction Output Management & Workflow Automation System

Production Print Software

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A fully automated print workflow system with high performance data processing.

  • For all industry-standard PDLs and data streams for transaction and document printing
  • Rock-solid reliability and automated error recovery
  • Centralized printer management for one or many printers at a print site with central administration, monitoring and messaging
  • Scalable and modular to fit the wide range of IPDS printers between 45 and 1400 pages per minute (ppm) from Canon and other vendors
  • For cutsheet and continuous feed production printers
  • Additional drivers for non-IPDS printers in specific environments
  • Java based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for local and remote access (without having to install ‘thick’ clients)
  • Print Job Manager (local and remote job submission via Internet browser)
  • Central print job routing
  • Single server or a cluster configuration including ripping
  • Cluster printing and load balancing
  • Centralized accounting records
  • Centralized resource handling
  • User access management including predefined workspaces for specific users
  • Broad range of options for physical connections and standard transfer protocols
  • Standardized customizable interfaces and hot directories for automated job submission and job tracking
  • High level of customization via Canon Professional Services is possible
  • Paper configuration tool for attribute based paper selection
  • Connectivity to finishing devices, eg, via UP3I
  • Enhanced Xerox connectivity options

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System Requirements

  • PRISMA server hardware depends on performance class and installed options,  optimized, tested and released for PRISMAproduction
  • Choose from a cost-effective entry level server to a high-end server with Xeon Dual-Processor technology and high performance RAID systems
  • Possibility of clustering several servers to increase performance and maximize processing availability
  • Scalable and modular industrial floor stand or rack mounted server
  • High performance operating system: SuSE Linux Enterprise Server

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