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PRISMAproduction Output Management & Workflow Automation System

Production Print Software

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Key Features and Functionalities

Centralized, Automated Workflow

Automate fundamental print workflow steps from the core of your digital print environment with one centralized user interface for:

  • Raw data input
  • Data conversion
  • Preflighting
  • Print file enhancement, including white paper solutions
  • Impositioning
  • Output management
  • Job-based reporting
  • Set-ups for in-line finishing

Extended Workflow Capabilities

PRISMAproduction offers one interface for centralized workflow management: Write input-processing routines, which can then be called automatically based on defined criteria. Integrate third-party and your own systems to access this powerful processing capability so you can batch and group work, sort and compose jobs from meta data across multiple printing presses, thereby optimising your printing output workflow throughout your entire operation.

Integrate in Your Existing Environment

  • Combine PRISMAproduction with your existing environment, using industry-standard protocols
  • Automatically process data from document composition tools, offset commercial systems, MIS, ERP, and mainframes
  • Onboard files with a range of interfaces such as JDF/JMF-based connectors, powerful hot folders, and other automatic and manual download capabilities
  • Process almost any print data language: PDF, AFP, Postscript, PCL, line data, PPML and even legacy and proprietary formats such as LCDS, RDO and VIPP are supported


  • Start with a single press and scale up to manage your entire production fleet, adding new functionality and printing presses as you grow
  • Increase performance across your workflow steps as you need it


  • Optimize files for high-performance production printing:
    • Industry-unique AFP preflighting
    • Fully integrated PDF preflighting
    • Make-ready options with print file enhancement for last-minute changes and adding barcodes, texts, or images
  • Eliminate costly stocks of pre-printed forms, by migrating to white paper and printing in full color without the need for expensive reprogramming or changes to the original applications
  • Take advantage of impositioning that is powerful enough to handle very high volumes of data

Spot Color Handling

  • PRISMAproduction extends existing spot color handling with two major improvements.
    • Automatic detection of named colors in print files. To ease the substitution process, wildcards can now be used to replace multiple spot colors (e.g., C and U) in one go. In addition, alternate values for named colors can now be defined in CIElab or CMYK.
    • The spot color substitution definition and processing are part of the automatic and centralized intermediate binding with PRISMAproduction. This enables easy production set-up, without the need for modifications at the press. It maximizes the use of printer's color capabilities to increase application range.

Output Management

  • Spool vast amounts of data
  • Drive listed Canon and non-Canon web-fed and sheetfed production presses in real-time from one single output management system
  • Manage and reroute jobs across presses from one central point of control – even from web-fed to sheetfed or vice versa
  • Operate your printing presses with bidirectional communications for reliable print production
  • Use automated job management to maximize productivity and so meet SLAs
  • Simulate the production workflow and display the result prior to printing by integrating with PRISMAsimulate
  • Optimize output management by grouping incoming orders with smart batching:
    • Run multiple ‘copies of one’ in one batch
    • Automatically allocate different components of a print product over several printing presses


Gain production transparency and improve performance management with centralized job-based reporting across multiple presses and sites:

  • Calculate job-based ink consumption reporting derived from the printing presses
  • Connect to PRISMAsimulate for reliable ink estimation
  • Export job-based data for accounting and KPI purposes
  • Generate automatic, user-configurable reports

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System Requirements

  • Performance of the PRISMA server hardware is influenced by the class of hardware used and the installed options. Our current product offering has been optimized, and tested for PRISMAproduction with the HP G10 ML350 and DL380 platforms
  • Choose from a cost-effective entry level server to a high-end server with Xeon Dual-Processor technology and high-performance RAID systems
  • Scalable and modular industrial floor stand or rack mounted server
  • High performance operating system: SuSE Linux Enterprise Server

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