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PRISMAlytics Accounting

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PRISMAlytics Accounting Brochure

PRISMAlytics Accounting Brochure


PRISMAlytics Accounting is accessed from PRISMA Home, the management platform for PRISMA cloud-based solutions. Directly from a supported Web browser, print shop managers have access to a range of reports and settings to help automate report generation and distribution, including:

  • Device Reporting
  • User Reporting
  • Report Generation

PRISMAlytics Accounting helps business managers monitor and safeguard the efficiency of their print operation by providing timely and accurate fleet usage and user data of PRISMAsync-driven presses.

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PRISMAlytics Accounting is ideal for small print service providers (PSPs) who are looking for ways to streamline and increase productivity of their print operation. The orange box below illustrates where PRISMAlytics Accounting offers a good fit for various PSPs that Canon Solutions America serves. PRISMAlytics Accounting is designed to fit in structured or flexible workflows and can help cost-driven or value-driven print operations prove their value to their key stakeholders, day-in and day-out.

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The tool collects and consolidates detailed job printing information from supported PRISMAsync-driven production devices, and presents standard reports for monitoring printer utilization as well as user reporting to aide in cost charge backs. PRISMAlytics Accounting supports the automation of generating and emailing reports, helping print service providers avoid missed chargebacks over time. And since the tool is cloud-based, the reports can pull data from multiple devices automatically, eliminating the need to manage accounting data from each individual controller.

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PRISMAlytics Tools

Production print operations can be downright demanding. Today’s providers face the tough task of reducing costs while improving services to meet client demands. Watch this video to find how cloud-based PRISMAlytics Tools, featuring PRISMAlytics Dashboard and PRISMAlytics Accounting, supports small commercial and in-plant print service providers in their quest to elevate efficiency and productivity with integrated and secure features.


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