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PRISMAlytics Dashboard

Production Print Software

PRISMAlytics Dashboard Brochure

PRISMAlytics Dashboard Brochure

KPI Dashboard
Collects Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data and displays this information in a periodic dashboard showing activities and consumables for relevant printers.

One Dashboard for Multiple Canon Devices and Different Print Controllers
PRISMAlytics Dashboard provides insights and comparisons on the activities of different Canon print solutions (such as imagePRESS with PRISMAsync or Fiery®, varioPRINT, ColorStream, ProStream, and imagePROGRAF).

Export Data Externally
The open interface lets you export and copy usage data for a defined period (per day, per week, or per month) in CSV files, for further processing in other Management Information Systems.

Actionable Data
Explore specific details of printer activity and consumables helps easily optimize your operation.

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Understand Your Fleet at a Glance
PRISMAlytics Dashboard is easy to use and presents your data in clear graphs and charts, helping you optimize your print performance quickly.

Analyze Your Entire Canon Print Portfolio in One Place
PRISMAlytics Dashboard brings together data from a wide combination of Canon’s printers, whether that’s sheet-fed toner/ inkjet, web-fed inkjet, or imagePROGRAF large format. You can also use your controller of choice, including PRISMAsync, imagePRESS Servers powered by Fiery, and others, allowing you to compare performance across your fleet in one single solution.

Use Your Data Wherever You Need It
Collect production data and visualize it instantly. Data can be exported as a CSV file, allowing further use in other management applications and reports.

Get More Detailed Data with PRISMAsync
PRISMAlytics Dashboard is integrated with PRISMAsync driven Canon devices collecting data from the heart of your Canon printers via the Rich Data Capture tool. Compared to other DFEs, you’ll gain access to a wider set of fully detailed data points from across your fleet.

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