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Color Management

The Importance of Color Management

Color management software is typically the number one software investment commercial printers are looking to make. Without a color control toolset, color management of printers is done manually through calibration and linearization, a process that can be cumbersome and may cause delays in production. Color management is often noted as the primary bottleneck in a workflow.

Why is color management so important? It’s because the perception of color is unique to the individual. Even though everyone agrees that grass is green, the shade of green one person sees can be very different from the shade of green another sees. This means that, in the world of print, we need to find a means to capture color information that removes the subjective view of the eye.

A color management system helps to reconcile color differences among devices so that you can confidently predict the colors your system will produce. Plus, it helps to ensure that your output complies with industry standards such as ISO, SWOP, and G7 Methodology.

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User Benefits


Better Profiling Performance Compared

Due to a Generic Commercial Profiler Due to various technology boundaries, high performance inkjet printers require different handling when it comes to output profiles. Commercially available generic profilers reach their limitations when tasked to create inkjet specific profiles, thus resulting in severe limitations in available color gamut. PRISMAprofiler is designed specifically for our inkjet printers, exceeding the performance and gamut of a generic profiler.

Maximum Color Gamut

PRISMAprofiler can obtain the maximum color gamut possible for a given combination of paper, ink, and Canon inkjet printer type. Canon PRISMAprofiler is specifically designed for Canon high performance inkjet printer lineup where the known ink amount curves of the various printer types are being applied.

A Single ICC Output Profile Tool

PRISMAprofiler is a single ICC output profile tool that can support our entire Canon inkjet family, from cut sheet i-series to the high-end continuous form printing systems.

No Productivity Loss

PRISMAprofiler is an external tool to prevent productivity loss of the printer when creating an output profile. Keeping this tool separate also allows a single tool to support multiple inkjet printers and be extended to new printer types in the future; as the need arises, simply add the printer emulation to the existing core license.

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