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QManager Pro for PRISMAsync

Production Print Software

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Features and Benefits

Add value and flexibility to your current workflow.

QManager Pro for PRISMAsync can handle your workflow-from simple output management to complex multi-location, multi-vendor workflows. Use QManager Pro for PRISMAsync partitioning to organize jobs by locations, and its built-in security to control access to confidential information. Take advantage of standard, powerful Input/Output Workflow Managers, or select additional modules or customizations to create the unique solution you need.

QManager Pro for PRISMAsync allows operators to easily see the status of both printers and jobs by monitoring your entire print process. Use QManager Pro for PRISMAsync to simply manage and route print jobs, or apply value-added processing such as format changes or job ticketing for a targeted printer. QManager Pro for PRISMAsync can retain all processed jobs for quick reprinting, and log them for reporting purposes.

  • Automate queue management and job routing to local or remote production, midrange, and desktop printers and file servers
  • Produce jobs automatically, or release batches by destination or other requirements
  • Captures detailed accounting information and integrates with third-party document accounting solutions, enabling enterprise-wide chargeback for both distributed and centralized printing
  • Distributes jobs evenly across production printers via a Flood Control feature
  • Enhances documents with a number of capabilities, including adding bar codes and banner pages
  • Reprints jobs without reprocessing at the source
  • Page range reprints
  • See printer and job status (available from SNMP enabled printers)
  • User Rights Management
  • Multisite/partitioning
  • Job viewing
  • Job modification (search/replace)
  • Web interface
  • Virtual statuses
  • Color splitting

Boost productivity, reduce costs, maximize printer utilization and improve job turn around.

QManager Pro for PRISMAsync offers these unique benefits:

  • Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Accepts multiple inputs and data streams
  • Supports custom scripting to address your most complex requirements
  • Manages print workflow from start to finish
  • Supports diverse mixed print center hardware and software environments
  • Enhances productivity and enables accountability through reporting
  • Scalable: Grows with your needs with add-on modules, APIs, and customizations
  • Provides User Rights Management to restrict access and functions
  • Supported by RSA's responsive, experienced in-house US-based Technical Analysts

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QManager Pro for PRISMAsync is available in two configurations and has a number of additional modules for added functionality.

QManager Pro for PRISMAsync Configurations

QManager Pro for PRISMAsync Print Server Designed for entry level output management, QManager Pro for PRISMAsync Print Service is a pre-configured package of server and software. QManager Pro for PRISMAsync add-on modules and customizations are not available with QManager Pro for PRISMAsync Print Server.
QManager Pro for PRISMAsync Output Manager Provides the full capabilities of QManager Pro for PRISMAsync, its add-on modules and robust customization of workflows. QManager Pro for PRISMAsync Output Manager runs on an RSA-provided server or VM image.

Additional RSA modules

QManager Pro for PRISMAsync Make Ready Module By converting print jobs from popular make ready programs and formats such as Xerox FreeFlow Makeready, XPIF, XRX, Kodak SmartBoard, and JDF, the QManager Pro for PRISMAsync Make Ready Module enables QManager Pro for PRISMAsync to print to a diverse set of devices while leveraging QManager Pro for PRISMAsync's powerful accounting and job management capabilities. Select your preferred workflow software and print to any production printer.
QManager Pro for PRISMAsync Accounting Module This web-based interface streamlines and simplifies the account, chargeback, and account fund verification processes, providing accounting, tracking, and reporting on print job costs.
QManager Pro for PRISMAsync Dynamics Dynamics is RSA's Variable Data offering, available for WebCRD and QManager Pro for PRISMAsync, Dynamics provides the functionality variable data print and trans promotional jobs. The QManager Pro for PRISMAsync Dynamics module allows print shops to offer sophisticated yet easy-to-design variable data templates and apply business rules to control how they are populated. Common applications include ID cards, insurance policies, business cards, postcards, mailers, and newsletters. Because QManager Pro for PRISMAsync can work with RSA's datacenter solutions to transform legacy data streams, QManager Pro for PRISMAsync Dynamics can be added to easily create personalized and transpromo documents.

Related RSA Solutions

Use QManager Pro for PRISMAsync as a stand-alone solution, or integrate it with RSA's other complementary workflow software to converge data center, print center, and network printing; transform legacy data stream jobs; manage and route hardcopy scan jobs for printing and archiving; or provide Web-to-print submission and fulfillment.

RSA Data Transform Solutions
  • Utilize QManager Pro for PRISMAsync as part of the overall architecture to transform legacy data streams (IPDS [IPDSPrint], LCDS, Metacode, XES/UDK [M.I.S.Print], etc.) to industry-standard PostScript and/or PDF.
Data streams
  • Data stream independent (e.g. PostScript , PCL, PDF, TIFF, EBCDIC, ASCII, LCDS, XES/UDK, IPDS, VIPP™)
  • Re-ticket make ready and workflow application output using RSA AnyPrint technology
  • Jobs can be submitted from any source, including network, mainframe, hot folder, other RSA solutions, and via alternate protocols such as the QManager Pro for PRISMAsync Input Workflow Manager API.
Network protocols
  • Open System protocols (TCP/IP, LPR, FTP, SFTP, SMB, SSH, Socket, Hot Folder, IPP, SNMP)
  • Mainframe connectivity (Bus & Tag, ESCON, Secure Mainframe TCP/IP)
High availability and security
  • Optimized for high-volume print environments
  • Backup server support
  • Disaster recovery support
  • SSL support
  • LDAP and Active Directory integration
Turnkey system
  • Runs on a highly scalable, reliable, RSA-provided server or VMware® image
  • Java client (unlimited licenses) runs on any PC desktop, providing operators with easy access
  • RSA-provided hardware and software maintenance and support available 24x7 with instant remote access

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Case Studies






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Output Management and Workflow Automation Demo

Learn how QManager Pro for PRISMAsync software controls and automates digital workflows, routes jobs, and manages output across your entire organization. Some features you will see include:

  • QManager Pro for PRISMAsync client and workflow
  • Job partitioning and filtering
  • Customizing your QManager Pro for PRISMAsync view
  • Re-printing without host re-processing
  • Printer status monitoring
  • Reporting

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