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The Business Benefits

  • Maximize printer productivity by transforming proprietary RDO documents created by Xerox FreeFlow™ Makeready® and DigiPath to PostScript, as well as PDF.
  • Leverage the power of the network and send PostScript and PDF documents to any printer, including remote printers.
  • Maximize document value by sharing universally viewable PDF files.
  • Batch conversion for continued editing in ReadyPrint™ with ticketing.

The Proven Partner

  • Responsive, experienced, US-based Technical Analysts provide the best direct support in the industry.
  • Rigorous implementation processes ensure your success.
  • Celebrating more than 30 years of delivering customer results.

Choose proven, automated data transformation.

For decades, RSA’s Transform suite of products has enabled the reliable, transparent migration from legacy output devices to modern network printers. Thousands of customers rely on us every day for transactional data conversion. They each enjoy improved equipment utilization, increased productivity, and reduced expenses.

Innovative technology for your documents. Responsive service for your people.

RSA Customer Success Assurance is RSA’s approach to ensuring complete satisfaction with your RSA solutions. Our number one goal is your success. We make certain your solution is implemented and works exactly as you expect.

Our experts work with your staff to design, pre-configure, and deliver a solution using a rigorous implementation process proven and tested over decades so you can be up and running as soon as possible and realizing immediate results. Success is always measured by increased employee productivity, lower costs, increased print volume, adherence to your timeline, and your satisfaction.

RDOPrint Features

  • View store and print on virtually any printer.
  • Optimizes output for common production printers.
  • Cost-effective solution that pays dividends each time you need to print the converted documents on any PostScript printer.
  • An XML job ticket is created for each file, providing the operator with detailed job information.
  • Converted files are optimized for production printers, allowing the documents to be printed with little or no make-ready.
  • The automated workflow for processing files is supported by a complete audit trail.
  • Leverage existing devices and tools with output optimized for Micropress®, PowerPRESS™, and SmartBoard™


  • Local Disk
  • CD-ROM/DVD/Removable Media
  • FTP or network drive

Input Format

  • Convert RDO documents created with XDOD 4.2, Xerox FreeFlowTM Makeready, and DigiPath®

Software Environment

  • Runs on a customer-supplied Windows PC

Supported RDO Content Formats

  • TIFF/G4
  • TIFF/uncompressed
  • PDF
  • PostScript


  • Standard: Production printer, File Server

Output Format

  • PostScript Level 3
  • PDF
  • ReadyPrint PDF and ticket
  • Embedded setpagedevice commands for media selection, plex selection, and other job ticket functions on printers that support this feature
  • Enhanced support for select production printers—contact RSA for more details

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