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RSA WebCRD - Automated Web-to-Print for Print Centers

Production Print Software

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Features and Options

More than a storefront. A whole new way of improving quality and customer satisfaction.

WebCRD doesn't just accept orders; it ensures each order is correct before it reaches the print center. Built to meet the demanding requirements of corporate print centers in all vertical markets and commercial printers to whom they outsource enterprise print, WebCRD offers benefits and features for the most demanding in-house print centers in all vertical markets.

  • Single-screen ticketing with pre-sets for frequent orders gives WebCRD the fastest submission in the industry.
  • Choose from four WebCRD variable data printing (VDP) and personalization options to personalize your campaigns, and use the WebCRD ordering and production workflow for job ticketing, ordering, accounting and production. Options include:
  • See the optional modules on the WebCRD Specifications page.
  • Real-time Document Preview (SurePreview) for realistic document proofs, including finishing options.
  • Three ad-hoc ordering workflows, including optional SurePDF and CentralPDF, for conversion of native documents to PDF.
  • Online Catalog ordering and reordering from both personal and shared archives including non-print items, such as pens, mugs, forms, and equipment.
  • Operators view jobs, at-a-glance, by production stage, using pictograms.
  • WebCRD remembers a user's history and offers reprints and job template presets for common ticketing choices.
  • End-users receive electronic job status, so there are fewer calls to the Print Center.
  • Job Cost Estimating for Table-driven pricing.
  • Intuitive Pictograms to simplify ticketing choices, reducing mistakes and phone calls.
  • Web and email job status notifications to improve customer satisfaction and reduce interruptions to the Print Center.
  • Offline submission with support for CD or USB-drive or hardcopy-based workflow including Scan to Print Center.
  • Automated archiving, including hardcopy with QDirect.SCAN, for instant access to stored documents, personal and shared.
  • Convert and upload Xerox FreeFlow™ Makeready RDO's into the WebCRD catalog-with ticketing- using RSA's RDOPrint.
  • Integrated address book enables simple variable data field population and expedited shipping and billing.
  • Order-On-Behalf-Of enables Proxy Ordering for CSRs and assistants.
  • Approval Authority empowers supervisors to approve, deny, or modify orders based on job cost or content.
  • Unlimited Storefronts with configurable Login and Portal pages to emulate a customer's corporate look and feel.
  • SSL support for secure ordering via customer-provided SSL digital certificate.
  • Reporting capabilities and enterprise Integration via .CSV files.
  • Web Services API delivers the capability for creating orders and querying for orders using third party application.
  • 360° Business Analysis available to optimize all aspects of enterprise printing.


WebCRD is available both Off-Site (ASP) and On-Site (Licensed), and in several configurations, from the affordable WebCRD Base to the powerful Enterprise System. On-Site configurations feature a scalable Sun Server pre-configured and installed at customer site but remotely serviceable by RSA 24x7, featuring RAID Level 1 Redundant Storage with optional Business Continuity Disaster Recovery capabilities.

WebCRD Configurations

WebCRD is available in several, modular configurations to meet the specific needs of all enterprises, large or small.

WebCRD OnDemand

Cost-effective Hosted (a.k.a. ASP or SaaS) Web-to-Print solution that is monitored and maintained by RSA, in RSA's datacenter.

WebCRD Base

Affordable, entry-level On-Site installation of RSA's core WebCRD solution, plus some of our most popular modules. Accept web-based jobs with electronic job ticketing and costing. Produce simple Variable Data Print jobs like Business Cards using PDF Forms via Template-Based Ordering (TBO).

WebCRD Pro

Adds AutoFlow™ for automated printing, complete with job ticketing, to the appropriate printer based on business rules. Production Dashboard assists forecasting by displaying your usage patterns. Add optional modules shown below, including more complex Variable Data Print personalized documentoptions like WebCRD Dynamics Desktop or WebCRD Dynamics.

WebCRD Enterprise

Adds LDAP and Active Directory support for Real-Time Authentication and QDirect, which enables Enterprise Output Management, including Load Balancing, rerouting, job manipulation, and QDirect.SCAN for Scan to Print Center functionality.

WebCRD Modules

  • Modular upgrades allow enterprises to improve operations immediately while ensuring the print center will never outgrow WebCRD.
  • WebCRD Pro and Enterprise can directly submit jobs with electronic ticketing to a broad range of Production Printers (two Printer Definitions ship standard) including JDF.

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RSA delivers measurable results to in-house print centers.

The business benefits

  • Increase employee productivity - do more with less
  • Lower costs by increasing volume without increasing staff
  • Improve job turnaround by automating workflows
  • Increase customer satisfaction by expanding services and providing 24x7 ordering and job status
  • Increase print volume - capture more company print
  • Provide greater brand and accounting control by centralizing printing and keeping jobs in house
  • Delight customers - provide instant access to status of print center orders
  • Implement on time with proven installation process and after-sale support

High availability and security

  • Backup server support
  • Disaster Recovery support
  • SSL encrypted data streams and protocols

Turnkey system

  • Runs on a highly scalable, reliable, RSA-provided server or VMware® image
  • Available on-site or Hosted/ASP (WebCRD OnDemand)*
  • RSA-provided hardware and software maintenance and support available 24x7 with instant remote access

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Virtual Demo

In-Plant Web to Print Software Demos - Watch WebCRD Demos Online

Take a guided video tour of WebCRD, RSA's award-winning web to print software for in-plants.

End-User Tour (25 minutes)

Learn about the ordering interface WebCRD provides for your customers to create, search for, and reorder jobs for submission to the print center. See how you can customize the ordering experience to streamline the ordering process.

Print Center Tour (11 minutes)

Watch how you can use WebCRD to manage jobs throughout the print production lifecycle. Learn how our production features can improve your print center productivity and volume while increasing the quality delivered to your customers.

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