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TrueProof Prepress Proofing Software

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Unique prepress proofing capabilities

A unique benefit of TrueProof prepress proofing software is that you can view CustomTone highlight color on screen, for up to 3/3 printing. TrueProof can also be used to display full color and GraphicArts applications on screen, so you can work faster and save money.

Additionally you can view your pages with TrueProof’s semi-transparent prepress proofing capabilities, enabling you to check the placement of recto/verso images. This smart alternative to proof printing on a production printer will eliminate your test print costs.

A flexible soft proofing solution for commercial printing

Combined with the PRISMAproduction output management system, TrueProof handles a wide range of industry-standard data. TrueProof also connects to any other output management system that creates IPDS or PCL output, and is able to drive a digital printing device using TCP/IP. This prepress proofing software emulates an IPDS or PCL production printer. Soft proofing with TrueProof enables application designers and programmers to work with confidence, even without a production printing system.

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