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Eliminate the Bottleneck in Finishing

Ultimate Bindery® is an open JDF server that validates jobs and delivers finishing job tickets to automate make-ready on bindery equipment. It will not only provide savings on ink and paper by eliminating manual make-ready and random errors, but it will also deliver consistent quality by standardizing job setup and finishing flows.

If your business relies on short-runs, web-to-print, hybrid printing, variable data printing, on demand books or transactional printing, complete your workflow with this key component for best-in-class finishing automation.

Finishing Workflow Enabler

Ultimate Bindery® is a stand-alone software solution that easily integrates into prepress workflow. It operates as an agent between the jobs in prepress and the post-press finishing equipment designated to produce the final product, producing variable length products in different quantities, on the fly, with no manual make-ready.

Preflighting for Finishing

Beyond automation, Ultimate Bindery® v4 offers the benefits of validation. It is a hub of knowledge containing the specifications for different finishing devices from several manufacturers. It validates that each job is built respecting the capabilities and constraints of the selected finishing equipment. It alerts the user before printing if a job is not suitable for the finisher it intends to use. Ultimate Bindery prevents inaccurate impositions to be sent to the printer and finisher while highlighting the detail of the error for correction purposes.

Plug N’ Play

Ultimate Bindery® delivers a plug’ n play application, integrating a prepress or print server workflow using JDF imposition. It produces the JDF finishing job ticket automatically with accuracy leaving no room for errors, thus eliminating the bottleneck in the bindery department.

Device Drivers

Ultimate Bindery® has two components, the core product and the drivers for your varying finishing devices. It currently supports many different drivers from multiple manufacturers and the list is still growing. Stay tuned!

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New User Interface

Ultimate Bindery® v4 is an automation tool that makes touch-less end-to-end workflow possible and profitable. Ultimate Bindery® v4 offers a new responsive web-based user interface (UI) allowing the management of finishing automation from a computer or a tablet. Operators and managers can now define and manage JDF finishing flows and automate each bindery device, each operating a specific finishing transformation on a printed project, from any location.

Finishing Flow Management

With a simple drag and drop, you can now create, manage and edit a multi-vendor finishing workflow. Visually easy and appealing, selecting your chosen devices is done in just seconds using available sorting filters. Finishing Flows can be set using Hot Folders and can receive jobs automatically for highly optimized production. Ultimate Bindery® allows you to manually validate your finishing flows to facilitate the configuration phase. Finally, the Finishing Flow section allows you to quickly view all your finishing flows with the sequence of devices used.

Dashboard and Reports

Quickly see how many jobs are running, in error, on hold, as well as see how many jobs have been submitted to the different finishing devices with the new visual dashboard. Along with shortcuts to the Job Manager, the dashboard also has shortcuts to the new Reports section. This section contains the history of processed jobs which can be sorted and filtered. Data can also be exported to CSV, Excel or PDF format.

Device Configuration

The configuration of devices is easier than ever. Ultimate Bindery® v4 has built-in smart forms dynamically presenting configuration options based on the information you are filling in and allows you to customize your device’s image. With a few mouse clicks, you can configure you device’s network location and default specifications. Browsing a full list of devices is made possible using a table with the ability to sort and filter.

User Management

Create, edit and delete user accounts and assign user rights to view, edit or delete data of the different sections. The main administrator can also define account preferences such as database clean up options and more. Users can individually choose one of the software’s 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.

Job Management

View active jobs and quickly sort them out according to color-coded job status, selected Finishing Flow, creation date and more with the ability to validate jobs on hold, resubmit jobs, view validation errors or device timeout errors, read the error detail containing specific imposition mismatches, etc.

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