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Videk DocuVision™ Edge

Production Print Software

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Advanced Imaging

  • Scans the entire page of every document, not just a limited area
  • Reads barcodes, MICR lines, logos and more
  • No camera adjustments from job-to-job

Primary Applications

  • Check printing and MICR verification
  • Document tracking for piece-level accountability
  • Feed assurance and stock verification


  • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Inspection data links to built-in database and reporting
  • High-speed solution processes every document at top printer speed

Tracking and Verification for Piece-Level Accountability

Check Validation

The DocuVision Edge camera inspection system tracks your entire check run and validates every check to make sure all checks are complete. Using a vision-based print quality assurance system, DocuVision Edge delivers outstanding flexibility. Utilizing full page scanning along with robust verification tools, DocuVision scans the entire page allowing you to read check numbers, account numbers, barcodes and the MICR line.

Job Audits for Your Peace of Mind

DocuVision Edge’s ReCon Manager captures critical document information such as check amounts and MICR lines. After the job is complete, produce reports providing job tracking information including job start time, duration, operator name, total number of checks, total amount run and missing/duplicates.

Controlled Error Management

The enhanced copy control interface provides a controlled error recovery of the job.* When an error is detected (i.e., a misread MICR line), DocuVision Edge signals the PRISMAsync print server to stop production. The document that caused the error condition, plus any other documents that have been pulled from input trays, will be sent to a diversion tray. Depending on the VarioPrint 6000 TITAN configuration, reprints can be either automatically triggered or suppressed on error. Additional protection helps ensure the printer doesn’t run without the DocuVision Edge engaged.

Feed Assurance

DocuVision Edge helps assure the correct preprinted stock for a specific print job has been loaded, and is in the correct orientation. The system can read a pre-printed stock identifier and matche it to a printed job identifier. The DocuVision Edge solution, offers unrivaled flexibility in code placement and type, as it images the entire document while reading and matching different code types (OCR, 1D and 2D barcodes).

Document Tracking and Compliance

DocuVision edge helps track every document through the print process to increase overall production intelligence, meet regulatory requirements and protect personal information. Read a document identification number or barcode and send the data to a local database and generate reporting. If the document is out of sequence the printer can be stopped, an error message will appear, and the documents diverted.* For added security, send data from optional ReCon Manager to an Automated Document Factory (ADF) or other tracking system, to reconcile printed data against the original print file.

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Seamless Connectivity

Direct printer integration communicates inspection errors to the Océ VarioPrint 6000 TITAN Series for subsequent tracking and potential diversion of document.

Increased Automation

Inspect and confirm production quality to help reduce the burden of manual inspections while tightening and improving the print process.

Advanced Proof-Of-Print Option

Bolster standard on-board data and reporting, by adding Image Archiving to store digital images of the print run for future analysis and audit.

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