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Educational institutions balancing hybrid work environments are handling thousands of documents each year and are searching for ways to operate more efficiently and to reduce reliance on paper-based information. Compliance mandates, such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), require strict policies be put in place regarding student records. Automating admissions, financial aid, and registration processes enables your staff to spend more time with your students and faculty, for a more positive experience for your student population.


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Workflow Automation

Automation is vital for improving day-to-day processes by digitizing routine tasks and everyday workflows such as student registration, employee onboarding, and financial aid applications. Individual Education Plan (IEP) approval routing and conditional-based email notifications are key areas for process automation.

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Automated Security & Compliance

Help ensure only authorized users have access to sensitive information with solutions to help securely store and back up data. Retention policies can also be designed for documents that need to be deleted after a predetermined time.

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Collaboration & Productivity

With a document management system, faculty and staff can easily capture, archive, retrieve, edit, and process documents, efficiently, with security in mind.

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Improve Transparency

Educational institutions are under increased pressure to explain rapidly increasing costs.

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The Perks of Productive Document Management Solutions in Education

The role of digital technology has retooled the way documents are managed within learning environments. Download this infographic to discover the solution to staying a step ahead in a digital campus.




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