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TRANSFORMING Your Business Through Digital Integration


TRANSFORM your enterprise


While CONVERTING your files to digital and AUTOMATING your processes are a good start,

the real goal is to TRANSFORM your enterprise. Put all of that digitized IP to work for you so you can work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

That digital IP can reveal new opportunities, but you need the right tools to make it happen.


Untangling the "Knot"

TRANSFORMING Requires Systems That Can Talk to One Another

Most organizations' IT networks are populated with a patchwork of applications, platforms, and repositories that tend to not work together very well. They often cannot automatically or even easily share data with one another.

This creates "the knot" within those networks. The knot prevents clients from automating their processes or easily accessing the digital IP they have. Any single process requires extra steps, or worse, extra software in the form of bolt-on applications to force data into and out of those applications and platforms. Creating a swarm of bolt-on apps to move data between other apps is wasteful, expensive, and slow.

Canon Solutions America has a solution that breaks the knot and enables automated workflows and data exchanges freely and easily.

A Platform That Untangles the Knot

At Canon Solutions America, we partner with AgilePoint to bring a powerful solution to the table. The solution is AgilePoint's business process platform that allows all of these applications, platforms, and repositories to easily communicate with one another. This delivers cross-functional automation at scale to our customers. They can now easily connect different entities within their IT network so that they exchange digital information readily.

No more manually downloading reports, transferring data to a spreadsheet, or having to log in/out of systems just so you can move that data to another system.

AgilePoint's platform connects these systems instantly based on your workflows. This allows our customers to rapidly automate their core processes and scale them as their enterprise grows.

Low Code/No Code and Citizen App Developers


Saying Goodbye to Bolt-on Apps

It used to be that connecting different business systems in your environment required specialist knowledge that only the IT department or outside contractors could bring. They would develop special applications to connect different systems to allow them to share information.

What Canon Solutions America and AgilePoint bring to customers is a platform that helps remove this burden from IT. Our platform is a "low code/no code" framework—meaning no special programming skill or knowledge is needed to forge those connections.

Low code/no code allows "citizen developers" at our customers to support their own business process workflows.


Faster Development icon

1. Faster Development

Enable quicker turnaround time for application development. LowCode/NoCode can enable even "citizen developers" to create useful applications quickly.

Cost Savings icon

2. Cost Savings

Organizations can reduce the cost of hiring specialized developers and shorten the development cycle. leveraging pre-built connectors, can eliminating the need for costly custom integrations.

Increased Agility icon

3. Increased Agility

Enable organizations to quickly respond to changing business needs, such as introducing new features or addressing issues.

CBetter Collaboration icon

4. Better Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration between business and IT teams, as non-technical users can easily contribute to the development process.

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