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Barracuda Phishline

Protect Inboxes and Increase Security Awareness

Fight phishing and other potentially devastating attacks that can slip through security gateways. These evolving and sophisticated attack techniques, designed to fool employees, put your business at risk for data loss, financial fraud, and embarrassing exposure. Transform employees into a layer of defense with Barracuda PhishLine.



Phishing is a technique used by hackers to impersonate a trustworthy entity in an email. Attackers use phishing emails to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, or banking credentials. They distribute malicious links and attachments to trick users into downloading malware or ransomware. These attacks are usually sent in large numbers to business users and consumers—more or less at random—with the expectation that only a small number will respond.



  • Protect your business with a versatile, scalable, cloud-based SaaS solution.
  • Guard against a range of threats with patented, highly variable attack simulations for Phishing (Email), Smishing (SMS), Vishing (Voice) and Found Physical Media (USB/SD Card).
  • Train users with comprehensive, SCORM-compliant courseware.
  • Get industry-leading analytics and reporting.
  • Take advantage of program and address book automation.


  • Choose from hundreds of email templates, landing pages, and domains.
  • Automatically direct training and testing with the built-in workflow engine.
  • Make it easy for users to instantly report suspicious emails with the Phish Reporting Button.
  • Embed learning into your everyday business processes.
  • Test and reinforce good behavior.


PhishLine Concierge is an optional premium service that offloads the tasks of defining, configuring, executing, and analyzing your phishing simulation campaigns to a dedicated Barracuda email security expert. Your PhishLine Concierge expert consultant can give you a complete, managed-service experience, running every aspect of your security awareness training. Or you can choose to engage more actively as a partner in creating and executing custom phishing simulation campaigns. Concierge Service includes:


Expert Campaign Design

Your PhishLine Concierge consultant has the expertise to design high performance, SCORM-compliant training programs that leverage the latest developments in the field of automated, computer-based learning. With access to Barracuda’s global, real-time threat intelligence network, they ensure campaigns are relevant to the latest trending threats based on your region, size, industry, and more.

Expert Campaign Operation

Your Concierge consultant delivers complete, turnkey operation of your campaigns from beginning to end. By leaving your security awareness training in the hands of an experienced, knowledgeable security-training expert, you free up resources to attend to your day-to-day operations.

Expert Campaign Results

Customers who use Concierge Service consistently report double digit phishing awareness improvements across a broad range of departments and employees. PhishLine’s advanced metrics and reporting capabilities let you easily measure your users’ improvements, and identify individuals and departments that require advanced security training.



Security in the Workplace is Everyone’s Responsibility


Barracuda Phishline

Protect Inboxes and Increase Security Awareness

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Many variables can impact the security of a customer’s device and data. Canon does not warrant that the use of services, equipment, or related features detailed herein will eliminate the risk of potential malicious attacks, or misuse of devices or data or other security issues.


Barracuda PhishLine

Barracuda PhishLine