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imagePRESS V1350

Cutsheet Toner Presses Color

imagePRESS V1350 Brochure

Download imagePRESS V1350 Brochure

imagePRESS V1350 Spec Sheet

Download imagePRESS V1350 Spec Sheet


Astonishing Output

  • The 2400 x 2400-dpi print resolution utilizes the unique Red VCSEL imaging technology.
  • ILS (Inline Spectrophotometers) allow advanced color adjustments, such as engine linearization, media calibration, color profile creation, and color validation
  • Translucent CV Toner produces vibrant images on a wide variety of stocks.
  • Multi DAT helps to achieve consistent color across long runs automatically.

Outstanding Productivity

  • Production speeds of up to 135 ipm
  • Real time color and registration adjustments
  • Large feeding capacity of 10,000 sheets*
  • Wide array of productive Canon in-line accessories*

*Optional accessories required.


  • Runs large envelopes and long sheets up to 30"
  • Achieve highly accurate and consistent registration even on large and heavy media

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Vacuum Feed and Air Separation help to ensure your stocks are reliably fed into the press. Double-Sheet Detection* automatically diverts these jam-prone pages to a dedicated purge tray, without stopping the press or requiring operator attention. The Active Registration System utilizes a steel side plate to help keep paper aligned correctly and provide tight and consistent registration. And media is kept running smoothly through the press with a flat path paper path and Canon’s Media Conditioning Technology, which minimizes curl, exiting the press neatly stacked and ready for finishing.

*Optional Accessories required

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Accessory Guide imagePRESS V Family Color Digital Presses

Accessory Guide imagePRESS V Family Color Digital Presses

Adding feeding and finishing options to your imagePRESS V900 Series, imagePRESS V1000, or imagePRESS V1350 production color digital press can be essential to maximizing versatility and flexibility when producing high-quality, professional output.

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imagePRESS V Series Family Brochure

imagePRESS V Series Family Brochure

imagePRESS V Family Color Production Digital Presses

Download Brochure

imagePRESS Server Brochure

imagePRESS Server Brochure

Canon’s imagePRESS Server portfolio provides print service providers across multiple industries and environments with the tools they need to succeed.

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Plockmatic BLM5000 Series Brochure

iPlockmatic BLM5000 Series Brochure

The Plockmatic BLM5000 series is a flexible booklet making solution for mid-to-high production environments that can create high-quality booklets in a wide range of sizes.

Download Brochure

Plockmatic BLM50/35 Brochure

Plockmatic BLM50/35 Brochure

The Plockmatic BLM50/35 Professional Booklet-Makers are modular, inline booklet-making solutions for in-plant and commercial print providers.

Download Brochure

eWire Booklet Maker Flyer

eWire Booklet Maker Flyer

Twin-loop wire binding has traditionally been a manual and time-intensive process for print shops, increasing production costs while stagnating efficiency. The GBC eWire Pro removes this bottleneck with fully automated, twin-loop wire binding.

Download Brochure

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Packaging Opportunities in the Digital World Whitepaper

Packaging Opportunities in the Digital World Whitepaper

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Product Videos

imagePRESS V1350 Introduction

Time is money when operating in fast-paced production environments. Bank on the all-new Canon imagePRESS V1350 series to support your operations with the vibrant and vivid output, productivity, and durability required to help move business forward. Watch the video to see how this press builds on our legacy of advanced print technologies.

Impress with imagePRESS


imagePRESS V Series Static Eliminator

In the production space, direct access to the latest technology can be a driving force in meeting strict deadlines and delivering maximum daily output. The Static Eliminator feature within Canon’s imagePRESS V family of color production digital presses implements a two-step process to help reduce post-press time and improve overall efficiency. Watch this video to see how this innovative advancement can work for you.

Testimonial Videos

Choice Marketing Testimonial

As one of the largest personalized trading card manufacturers in the country—providing design, print, and package services to professional sports teams, entertainment brands, collectible companies, and more—Choice Marketing needed support to stay competitive in a rapidly changing industry. By adding the Canon imagePRESS V1350 high volume, color production press to its line-up, the team has experienced vibrant offset-quality output with outstanding repeatability on heavier stocks, quicker turnaround times, highly productive print processes, and more. Watch this video to see how Choice Marketing made the grade by collaborating with Canon Solutions America.

Campus Copy Customer Testimonial

As a thriving family business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Campus Copy Center has built a legacy of excellence by serving major universities and institutional clientele for more than 40 years. But as customer demands have become increasingly diverse, searching for a way to enhance their service turned into their top priority. Watch this video to see how they leveraged the outstanding quality and capabilities of Canon technology, including the varioPRINT 140, the imagePRESS V1000, and the imagePRESS V1350, to help meet the distinct needs of their customers—from academic materials to everyday flyers.


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Technology Videos

imagePRESS V1350 In-Line Spectrophotometer

The In-Line Spectrophotometer can help automate color calibration and media profiling to deliver predictable and repeatable color results.

imagePRESS V1350 Flat Paper Path

The flat paper path of the V1350 helps ensure that the media feeds reliably, maximizing productivity, even on heavy weight papers.

imagePRESS V1350 Frame

A steel reinforced frame contributes to the durability and stability of the engine, while helping to maintain high print quality by minimizing vibrations during production.

imagePRESS V1350 Multi-DAT

Multi DAT automatically measures a range of density patches of each color and applies real time adjustments to help achieve consistent color during print production.

imagePRESS V1350 Registration

Each sheet is aligned against a steel side plate to the same position to help keep tight and consistent registration.

imagePRESS V1350 Twin Sleeve

The Twin Sleeve technology helps distribute toner evenly across the page, which is especially critical for consistent reproduction of solids and smooth gradations.

imagePRESS V1350 Vacuum Feeding

All V1350 paper drawers use air separation and vacuum feeding to help ensure reliable feeding of all supported media.

imagePRESS V1350 Surface Rapid Fusing (SURF)

Surface Rapid Fusing (SURF) is the combination of technologies that help ensure consistent fusing temperature and disapate the heat from each sheet to help maximize print productivity

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