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Crawford Crawford Pro Transforms

Production Print Software

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With PRO Transforms You Can:

  • Add-on to existing production jobs.
  • Migrate legacy applications to new formats without reprogramming.
  • Optimize print streams to increase throughput and fully utilize new printer technologies and capabilities.
  • Index, concatenate, batch, split, and condition print streams with barcodes to ensure optimal production on high speed inkjet printers and intelligent inserting/finishing solutions.
  • Index and split (or concatenate) records for efficient archiving and ePresentment.
  • Add color to monochrome print applications and easily facilitate full-color, white paper workflows.
  • Repurpose print streams to support omnichannel customer communications.
  • Remediate print streams for accessibility, ensuring compliance with new regulations regarding access to information for blind, partially sighted, and cognitively disabled individuals.
  • Insert relevant personalized marketing messaging into available “white space” on customer communications.
  • Minimize programming and production support needed for platform conversion.

How Does it Work?

The technology behind delivering mission-critical transactional documents has rapidly evolved from simple printing and fulfillment to supporting archiving, print suppression, accessibility, and omni-channel ePresentment. Myriad print stream formats and their inherent complexities can be difficult to manage, and the need to re-engineer documents quickly and accurately for distribution via various channels makes it challenging to automate, optimize, and improve customer communications operations.

Our award-winning PRO Transform technology is widely recognized for its processing speed, fidelity, single-pass processing, platform independence, and cost effective implementation. As a result, our customers extend the value of legacy document streams, bring increased flexibility and efficiency to their production operations, and maximize their latest technology investments without the need for document reprogramming or redesign.

CrawfordTech Solutions

Crawford Technologies develops software and solutions to help enterprises optimize and improve the secure and accessible delivery, storage, and presentment of their customer communications.

With over 1,800 customers on six continents, CrawfordTech’s solutions and know-how enable the largest banks, insurers, healthcare providers, utilities, and print services companies to use their existing technologies, documents, and data in new ways. They help them navigate the challenges in leveraging legacy applications in the platforms and applications of the future.

CrawfordTech’s products, services, and domain expertise reside at the nexus of content, data, and output management and are essential components of customers’ digital transformation, output management, and document accessibility strategies.

Crawford Technologies PRO Transform solutions support virtually any input or output including AFP, PDF, PostScript, HTML5, and many more formats.

All CrawfordTech PRO Transforms are available with PDF/A output for archival applications.

CrawfordTech provides ISO-compliant PDF/UA or WCAG 2.0 AA compliant accessibility options via PRO Transform Plus for Accessible PDF or PRO Transform Plus for Accessible HTML5.

Crawford Technologies also supports other line-mode printing and image-only based transforms.

Since 1995, Crawford Technologies has led the industry in flexible, fast and accurate print stream conversion solutions applications to a new format without reprogramming.

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