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Crawford Redaction Express

Production Print Software

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Redaction Express Advantages

  • Automatic redaction of sensitive or confidential information.
  • One-step redaction processing of high-volume documents.
  • Enables redaction across print streams and document types.
  • Outbound documents are automatically analyzed for potential breaches of confidentiality.
  • Rules-based automation removes and destroys PCI and other confidential data completely.
  • Easy integration with other CrawfordTech solutions and current workflows.

How it Works

Redaction Express enables enterprises to manage compliance risk more cost effectively. It adds redaction capabilities to the CrawfordTech suite of transform tools so that identified and specific confidential information is removed during the processing of high-volume documents without additional steps.

All businesses and organizations need to send and exchange documents of varying types, but each interaction carries with it the risk of inadvertent disclosure of confidential information. Both external and internal communications need to flow freely in order to support workflow and processes, yet not every destination or recipient has a “need to know” or has the authorization to view sensitive or confidential information. Redaction Express was built from the ground up to meet the needs of even the most challenging industry and regulatory constraints for information privacy. It is the tool of choice when there is a need to redact information from print streams, PDFs and composed documents in high-volume production environments.

Redaction Express customers count on advanced automation and redaction features that ensure privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information in a high-volume production environment. Here are some additional benefits.


It is important for any organization to select the right tools for the right application at a price that is affordable. For existing CrawfordTech customers, adding Redaction Express to any of our transform solutions extends the value and flexibility of existing investments. Add to that industry-leading document systems expertise and world-class customer support, and Redaction Express is the solution of choice for organizations looking to redact sensitive and confidential information in high-volume, high-value document production environments.


Since Redaction Express is a part of a broad solution architecture, it delivers significant improvements in productivity. Redaction occurs seamlessly and automatically without any additional processing steps. Redaction Express joins award-winning transform solutions that are noted for industry-leading speed and accuracy. The entire family of print stream transforms is designed to meet the most stringent processing demands by boosting efficiency and production speed. Performing redaction in-line with Redaction Express further increases productivity and ROI.

Types of Confidential Information

  • Social Security numbers
  • Taxpayer ID numbers (TINs, EINs)
  • Driver license numbers
  • State ID numbers
  • Passport numbers
  • Credit/debit card numbers
  • Financial Services / Bank account numbers
  • Home addresses
  • Non-business telephone numbers
  • Dates of birth
  • Mother’s maiden names, minor children’s names and ages
  • Email addresses
  • Medical records

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