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PRISMA Software Solutions help Print Service Providers with workflow productivity.

Production Print Software

PRISMAprepare Brochure

PRISMAprepare Brochure

PRISMA Software Benefits

The benefits of PRISMA Software for the print operations of individual print service providers depend on the specific solutions customers implement, and how they leverage the capabilities of the solutions. Following are the principle benefits customers can expect when choosing PRISMA Software Solutions.

  • Help streamline workflow and turnaround times with structured, customer-friendly, and easy-to-use solutions.
  • Help increase efficiency, productivity and add value throughout the workflow.
  • Help grow and control their business with cost allocation, performance monitoring, and reporting capabilities.
  • Help optimize resources and protect their investments by investing in printer-agnostic software solutions.

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PRISMA Software Positioning

PRISMA Software is ideal for print service providers (PSPs) who are looking for ways to streamline and increase productivity of their print operation. Depending on the size of your business, there is a PRISMA Software solution that can address your production requirements at an attractive price point. The red box below illustrates where PRISMA Software solutions offer a good fit for various PSPs that Canon Solutions America serves. Large or small, in-plant, print-for-pay, or commercial print, PRISMA Software solutions are designed to fit in structured or flexible workflows and can help cost-driven or value-driven print operations prove their value to their key stakeholders, day-in and day-out.

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PRISMA On-premise Solutions


PRISMAprepare is an integrated job preparation tool that increases productivity by automating routine and complex processes in prepress workflow, from composition through production. PRISMAprepare delivers:

  • All the make-ready steps in one tool.
  • Device-independent job preparation, not limited to only Fiery-driven printers.
  • Automation and Variable Data Printing (VDP) as an integrated option


PRISMAdirect is a web-based workflow solution that streamlines the entire print production workflow for simplified job acquisition, reduced overhead, and faster turnaround times. PRISMAdirect is designed to provide PSPs with the following benefits to win customers

  • Grow business via optional webshop module.
  • Turn print facilities into a print order magnet.
  • Provide top-notch customer communications.
  • Help print buyers control costs.

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PRISMA Cloud Solutions

PRISMAlytics Accounting

Cost allocation and printer monitoring solution that provides accurate data for production insights into print operations

  • Integrated: Integrated into the production print operation through PRISMAsync-driven devices.
  • Accurate: For the complex charging of print services.
  • User and Accounting Reports: Collects print, copy, and scan data. Collects user and user group information. At-a-glance reports provide insight and comparison of fleet devices. Export to CSV for further processing in external applications.

PRISMAcolor Manager

PRISMAcolor Manager simplifies the color measurement process. It also organizes the measurement results for better navigation through historic performance. This valuable tool helps analyze color data by virtue of intelligent data design, making the meaning behind the numbers easier to understand. By making it easy to measure and analyze color, PRISMAcolor Manager will appeal to managers and operators, and will satisfy color specialists. It will help you manage one critical aspect of your business: making color behave.

PRISMAprepare Go

Canon’s newest job submission and production workflow solution provides a simple way for small print operations to begin transitioning production workflow into the cloud.

Offers speed and efficiency in essential production job workflow tasks:

  • Receiving customer jobs.
  • Fast-checking print readiness.
  • Selecting available press resources.
  • Applying basic sheet layout settings.
  • Forwarding jobs on to production.

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