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At Canon Solutions America, providing you with resources to help you secure your business is important to us and we are here to tell you that you don’t have to do it alone.

We collaborate and assist you with getting in touch with cybersecurity experts who provide the kinds of training, guidance, and consulting services to help address your concerns and help put you at ease. Whether you need cyber etiquette training for your employees, or our full suite of Virtual CISO services, we're here to assist you.



Rapid7 Managed Detection and Response

Canon Solutions Americas teams with Rapid7, a provider of world class cybersecurity solutions and services. We are committed to helping you build security into the heart of your organization.

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Consulting Services

Confer with expert consultants who can help you evaluate the readiness of your organization to help mitigate a data breach. This Service may be used to help you prepare for a compliance audit, or help you get through some of the steps that may be needed for you to qualify for a cybersecurity insurance policy.


Cybersecurity Integrity Audit

The Cybersecurity Integrity Audit is an integral component of our 5 Pillar Security Strategy. Through comprehensive vulnerability assessments and penetration testing services, your organization can manage risk more effectively by uncovering areas in your technology infrastructure that could represent a threat toward your business health.

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Education and Training

When it comes to avoiding data breaches, your employees can be your weakest link or your best defense. Whether you need to conduct an executive training or a general employee awareness and readiness workshop for everyone, confer with our expert consultants to see how they can help.

Learn more about how a phishing simulation SaaS training program can turn unknowing employees into frontline defenders.


Introducing Printer Fleet Cybersecurity as a Service™

Weaknesses in Your Printers May Expose Your Entire Enterprise


Often, printers on corporate networks are not configured or maintained for cybersecurity and are not updated on a reliable schedule (no patch management). Most cybersecurity plans don’t even mention, let alone address, these elements. Printer fleets can number in the hundreds or thousands of printers with many different makes, models, and ages of devices. Until now, there has been no way to affordably establish and maintain cybersecurity controls in printer fleets.

The Answer: Symphion’s Printer Fleet Cybersecurity as a Service™

Symphion specifically designed its turnkey Printer Fleet Cybersecurity as a Service™ printer agnostic hardening solution to economically and systematically tackle this unaddressed gap in cybersecurity. It is the perfect hybrid solution to fit into any sized organization.

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Managed Detection and Response as a Service (MDRaaS)

Considering hosting an internal Security Operation Center (SOC) and hiring a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to bolster your organization’s security posture? Not every business has the budget to operate a fully manned SOC; however, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would dispute the critical role it can play.

You can take comfort in having a managed detection and response team monitoring and/or managing your network and systems on a 24/7/365 basis or enhancing your own existing SOC with additional services or hours of operation with our Managed Detection and Response as a Service (MDRaaS).

Use this simple calculator to find out whether your budget can support this level of investment. In today’s threat-persistent business environment, it is critical to address securing your business—but you don’t have to go it alone.


MDRaaS Justification Calculator
Annual Company Revenue: $ Enter your organization’s gross annual revenue.
Company CISO Present: Does your organization has a resident Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)?
Number of employees: Please select your company size.
SOC Coverage Desired: Please select your desired staffing coverage.

Incident Response

A strong Computer Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP) can help minimize the duration and impact of a security breach. Canon Solutions America can put you in touch with security consultants who can offer you guidance on steps you can take to help your organization prepare to respond quickly and effectively to a security incident.

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Digital Forensics

With any active cyber threat, it is critical to understand the source and full extent of the network security breach in order to effectively respond and take meaningful steps toward eradicating its presence in your environment. Canon Solutions America can put you in touch with members of our data security professionals network who can consult with you and advise you on how to capture and analyze data stored in your hard drives, CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, and other media formats during and as part of your Incident Response.


Secure Information Event Management

Security information event management (SIEM) systems can provide your security and risk management teams with actionable network data that drives intelligent security and IT decisions - in real-time. These systems are table stakes in today's threat ridden business environment. They are typically reliable, secure, scalable, and easily-deployed, and can enhance the performance, compliance, and security of your network.

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For more information or to request Cybersecurity Services, please contact your local Canon Solutions America representative or click here to have someone contact you.


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Many variables can impact the security of a customer’s device and data. Canon does not warrant that the use of services, equipment, or related features detailed herein will eliminate the risk of potential malicious attacks, or misuse of devices or data or other security issues.


Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services